What about all those cookies?

Many believe that Kairos is fueled by cookies. While a typical Kairos Inside weekend requires about 1,800 dozen cookies, the primary fuel of any Kairos weekend is prayer! The cookies, however, are a tangible example of God’s love poured out by His family.

In an environment where an abundance of anything is unusual, lots of cookies2
a Kairos weekend’s first impression to an incarcerated inmate (we call them “residents”) is an abundance of homemade cookies. During the weekend there are cookies throughout the day as snacks and every resident participant takes a dozen back to his dorm each evening. Additionally, every resident at the institution, not just those participating in the Kairos weekend, gets a bag of cookies during Kairos, as do the correctional officers.

One of the best gifts to support a Kairos weekend is to bake cookies. Contact any member of the team of an upcoming weekend to get more details. In prison, it’s been said that cookies save lives.