David Wade Correctional Center Kairos #42

Kairos #42 concluded Sunday, March 19, with thirty residents of David Wade Correctional Center being introduced to their larger Kairos Community as they met both many of the ongoing community within the prison and more than three dozen outside guests who joined them in Hope Chapel for the closing service. Our newest Kairos members were greeted and encouraged by Chaplain Johnnie Adkins and the 4th Day speaker, Manuel Pelcastre, who attended Kairos #38 in March of 2015.

On Saturday, March 25, almost all of the participants returned for a day of additional instruction and assistance in forming Prayer and Share Groups, the essential tools for maintaining a strong Kairos Community within the walls of David Wade.


As team formation nears completion, we were all reminded that prayer undergirds all we do and all we offer to the residents of David Wade Correctional Center. The enveloping power of that prayer was the focus of our final team formation meeting on Saturday, March , as the entire team gathered to pray for each other. A mainstay of Kairos team formation is our prayer circle, where every team member prays individually for every other member. Earlier in the day, weekend leader Scott Spalding was lifted in prayer by fourteen previous weekend leaders who comprise almost half of the Kairos 42 team.

While prayer is the power behind the weekend, a humble servant’s heart is necessary for every team member to effectively be the voice and hands of Jesus. True servanthood is perhaps best exemplified in John 13:1-17, where Jesus washed His disciple’s feet. That humility was modeled this afternoon by members of the Kairos 42 team.


Place your burdens at the foot of the cross…
Arlin Smith reminded the team that all the “junk” we carry into the prison affects how we present ourselves as the hands of Jesus. To be effective, we need to leave our burdens behind. He challenged us the the best place to lay them down is at the foot of the cross – give them to Jesus.


Kairos #42 at David Wade Correctional Center  will be March 16 – 19, 2017.



David Wade Kairos #41 Team members

Is any Kairos Weekend  a “success?” Is any Kairos Weekend ever deemed a “failure?” Ours is not to judge, but to faithfully do what we feel we’re called to do. By our worldly standards, Wade Kairos #41 was a success: all of the talks were presented, the team formation for Kairos 41 bonded us as a group, and the thirty participants seemed to get all the message. The instructional reunion was well attended, and Prayer and Share groups were being developed. It was good seed, sown in good soil. Others will judge the harvest.
[Ed. note: Kairos 41 was held in September 2016.]

The David Wade Kairos Advisory council is deeply indebted to the congregation and clergy at First United Methodist Church in Homer, without whose gracious assistance these Kairos weekends would be almost impossible.
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